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Passionate about crafting innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of technology, I am Ritik Chourasiya, an Associate Software Engineer at Docfliq. My journey in the realm of software engineering has been shaped by a series of impactful experiences, continuously evolving my skill set.

Current Role: Enhancing Healthcare Engagement

In my current role, I contribute to the enhancement of healthcare professional engagement by developing robust backend APIs for key features within the HCP Engagement platform at Docfliq. This involves optimizing user interaction and amplifying platform utility, thereby fostering a seamless healthcare experience. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in revolutionizing content creation efficiency by designing an intuitive CMS Dashboard with Analytics using the MERN stack. This initiative resulted in a remarkable 50% reduction in content creation time, elevating content consistency and user satisfaction.

Open Source Contributions: Impactful Projects Beyond the Workplace

Beyond my professional endeavors, I have led the development of Carrier JS, a Javascript library, enhancing website latency and user experience through in-memory caching via IndexedDB. This project has gained recognition within the developer community, boasting 15 GitHub stars and 19 forks. Similarly, my creation, Headx, a React package transforming SEO management, has optimized web pages, boosting search engine visibility and user experience. It has earned 6 stars, 4 forks, and contributions from 3 developers on GitHub, showcasing impactful collaboration within the developer community.

Educational Background and Technical Proficiency: A Continuous Learning Journey

As a Bachelor of Technology graduate from the University Institute of Technology, RGTU, with proficiency in TypeScript, JavaScript, Node JS, Express JS, React JS, and the MERN Stack, I am committed to continuous learning and pushing the boundaries of my expertise. My journey is fueled by a passion for technology and a commitment to building impactful solutions that make a difference.

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